Frequently asked questions


What options do I have for bidding?

The most convenient way to bid is through our mobile apps. Simply register for the auction and slide to bid. You may also choose to bid traditionally on-site with a paddle number that will be given to you by our staff at the auction location. We also accept bids in writing and telephone bids. We have explained our buying thoroughly here.

How can I delete my account / credit card from the platform?

All user information can be deleted by contacting us at or +358 50 553 3241.

I left an absentee bid on Someone has won the lot with the same bid I have left in the system, why?

Our abstentee bid system protects our buyers. When you leave a bid, the system will automatically submit bids against other bidders in accordance to our increment table. This means, you will never pay too much. The bidding system is turn-based, which means that someone else's bid can win the lot with your maximum bid 50% of the time.

We also accept bids in writing as well as bids through Invaluable. These bids will be entered into the system once the auction goes live. Multiple users can leave a bid for the same amount. We encourage our bidders to follow their favorite lots in the live auction to ensure winning.

I won a lot at Eerik's. What payment options do I have?

We accept cash and credit card payments for on-site bidders.

We will provide an invoice for our online bidders and ask what is your preferred method for payment. Online bidders may choose to pay with direct payment with the credit card used for registration and wire transfer inside the EEC. We offer a 5 day payment period for wire transfers. 

I won a lot and want it to be shipped to me. What options do I have?

If you wish for the item to be shipped to you, please reply to the invoice email that will be sent to you after the auction. We will then suggest a shipping method and a calculation of the costs. You may also ask for a calculation before the auction. We use DHL, Finnish post and can give recommendations for a local courier.

Collection is available on-site and after the auction from our gallery. We also offer a free collection service in Helsinki, Tampere and Pori.

What is the auction fee?

An auction fee is added to the final hammer price of the lot. The auction fee is 20 % (incl. VAT). No other fees apply when the item is collected personally.

What is a resale remuneration?

A resale remuneration applies to certain art pieces marked with * in our catalog. It is collected on the behalf of Kuvasto ry. The remuneration is payable when the hammer price exceeds 255 €.


I'd like to have an appraisal for my item. What to do?

The most easy way to appraise your items at Eerik's is to fill out our valuation form. You can always bring your item to our gallery for appraisal. In case of multiple items, collections or estates we can choose to valuate your items on-site or at your home. 

I'm interested in selling at Eerik's. What are my fees?

Our commission is 20 % of the final hammer price of the item (including VAT). We charge no other fees when the item is sold at our auction.

Are my items insured?

Yes. Your items are insured up to the lower end of the estimate given in the auction catalog in case of fires, break-ins, water related damages and accidents.

How will the possible buyers find my items?

Your item will be listed to our live catalog as well as international auction sites. We market our lots directly to potential buyers, as well as in the social media and publications to ensure the best possible sales price. 

I don't want to sell my item below a certain price. What to do?

In this case we will agree upon a reserve price for your item. If the reserve price is not met, the item shall be passed. The item can still be sold for the said reserve price after the auction directly or in an post-auction.

My item was sold. What happens now?

The payout will be done after the buyer has paid for the item. In general this happens in circa 2-3 weeks after the auction. We offer our buyers a payment period of 5 workdays after the invoice has been sent.