Bidding by paddle number

Submit your bids traditionally at our our live auctions in the auction event. You may obtain your paddle number by registering at the auction event before the auction or online at our auction platform. Our representatives will assist you in any questions regarding bidding.

Bidding by telephone

Please contact us if you wish to bid by telephone. Our representatives will guide you through the telephone bid practise and call you before the items you wish to bid for are up for auction. Please note that when you choose to bid by telephone, you agree to place the minimum bid to all the items you announce.

Bidding online

Online bidding is available in all our auctions. A live feed is broadcasted to our apps and online bidding platform in our Live auctions. You compete in real time against bids submitted at the auction event, by telephone and absentee bids.

Absentee bids

You may choose to leave absentee bids at our gallery or online. Our representatives will confirm your identity, register your bids and bid for you at the auction event to the maximum you have stated.


Viewing and additional information for the lots

The viewing is held at our gallery. The viewing starts minimum one week before the auction. In case of exceptional viewing times and venues, an announcement is given separately at the catalog in the item description.

In case you have further questions about the lots or you would like to have additional photos, contact us +358 44 256 5287 or


Bidding Live at

Registration to bid is done at our auction site The same bidding number can be used online, in our apps and on-site.

The registration has two parts:

  • Firstly, create an account to our system.
  • Secondly, register to bid to the auction. The registration requires a valid credit or debit card for bidder identification purposes. Eerik's does not store your card information as the service provider is the international payment service Stripe. If you wish, you may use the credit card for payments.
    • If you do not have a credit or a debit card or you have problems with the registration, please contact us +358442565287 or

After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email.


Absentee bids

You may submit absentee bids at or our iOS and Android apps. Absentee bids can be submitted up until the sale goes live. The absentee bids will compete against bids left at the live auction and on-site.

The absentee bid is the maximum you choose to bid for the item. Please also note, that we receive bids in writing, by telephone and Invaluable. 


A 300 € bid has been left for the lot. You're willing to bid up to a maximum of 500 € and submit the amount as an absentee bid. The price goes up to 320 € (see our increment table). You will win the lot with 320 € in case no other bids are left. 


Bidding on-site

You will receive your paddle number on-site by registering to bid. We encourage not to leave registrations until the last moment. You can register for an on-site paddle number also by registering to bid at


How the auction proceeds

The broker receives simultaneous bids from on-site and live bidders. On-site bidding is done by clearly raising the paddle number. An auction fee of 20 % is added to the hammer price of the item.

Below you will find our current increment table:




Starting bid 30 €


30 €

200 €

10 €

200 €

500 €

20 €

500 €

2000 €

50 €

2000 €

5000 €

100 €

5000 €

10000 €

200 €

10000 €

20000 €

500 €

20000 €

50000 €

1000 €

50000 €


2000 €


After the auction

Payment online

After the auction, we will provide you with an invoice of the lots you have won with a payment period of 5 days. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards for direct payments, and wire transfers in the EEC area.

Payment on-site

You may pay and collect the item immediately after the auction event. Payments under 1000 € may be paid by cash. We accept most credit and debit cards for on-site payments.


If you wish to have your item shipped, contact us by replying to the invoice email. We will then suggest the most suitable shipping method taking the security, speed, and price into consideration.

Do you have questions? Contact us and we will tell you more:
+358 44 256 5287